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Welcome to The Dark Side of Lightwork. In life, I am Canadian Esoteric Teacher and podcast host.  I am also a supernatural nerd and do a lot of personal research on things that go bump in the night. My fascination with the unknown actually began when I was a kid, due to having my own misunderstood psychic experiences.  I believed my life long fascination with the strange and unusual has prepared me for the work I am called to do now; taking me to places other lightworkers won't go. This has taught me a lot about how many fallacies we are told, and actually believe, about the supernatural and paranormal.

Join me, as I share with you what I have learned about stories of the unusual, mystics of the past and places that might make you uneasy. 

I want to lift the veil a little bit, and take the Hollywood out of the paranormal and metaphysics.

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This is an open minded, troll free space where you can join the conversation with me, and other like minded folks. 

You will also be supporting my passion project, and podcast efforts: The Dark Side of Lightwork

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Wynne's Featured Guest Episodes on YouTube, and other Podcasts

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