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I believed my life long fascination with the strange and unusual has prepared me for the work I am called to do now; taking me to places other lightworkers won't go. This has taught me a lot about how many fallacies we are told and believe about the supernatural and paranormal. Join me, as I share with you what I have learned about the realm of superstitions, mystics of the past and places that might make you uneasy.

I want to lift the veil a little bit, and take the Hollywood out of the paranormal and metaphysics.

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Disclaimer; Please review

The services Wynne Thornley offers are for those who seek an alternative form of life coaching, mentorship and spiritual growth. They are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease of the mind or body. There will be no diagnosis  of disease, of the body or mind, offered and there will be no prescriptions in the pharmaceutical, homeopathic or dietary realms given. You will be guided to seek care within the healthcare community for any concerns regarding your physical and mental state if it is deemed out of Wynne's area of expertise. These services do not replace any treatment plan in place by your medical and/or mental healthcare team. The services Wynne Thornley offers hold the intention to compliment what is already in place by your medical and/or mental healthcare team, and will not replace any medications, or of the like, you may have been advised to take by your healthcare professionals. 

If you have concerns regarding your physical, emotional or mental health, it is advised you seek proper evaluation, and treatment, before conducting any kind of psychic, energetic or elemental healing session with Wynne Thornley, or any other practitioner in the alternative healing arts.


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